Loutra Aidipsou - Northern Evia

Natural Traditional Therapy, the latest in Thermal Spring Therapy with the beaches and atmosphere of a Greek island.

    There are many athletic and cultural events held in Edipsos including the Edipsos Festival featuring dance performances by Greek and International groups. There are tennis and beach volleyball championships and plenty of beautiful places to walk and explore.

The beaches are among the most beautiful you can see, particularly up the road in Agiokambo (photo) where you catch the ferry to Glifa and the road north to Volos and the there is also the beautiful beach at Agios Nicolaos .However the most amazing of them all is the beach of Gregolimano where the Club Med hotel is located.

There are plenty of water sports including jet skis, windsurfing and sailing and excellent fishing. Clearly this is not your typical lay out all day on the beach and get drunk all night' kind of destination. there is stuff to do in and around Edipsos.

There are many other scenic mountain villages and beautiful beach towns nearby and the entire island of Evia is a treasure of natural beauty, monasteries and archeology sites like the monastery of Saint George built over the Temple to Apollo, 2 kilometers from the village of Polylofos. There is also the well known Sacred Church of Saint John the Russian in the town of Prokopi and the ancient marble bull sculpture from the fifth century bc found near Orei.

One of the most interresting things to do is is eat and drink and there are plenty of inexpensive restaurants with excellent food and plenty of fresh fish. Finally one of the things that makes Edipsos so attractive is the cost. It is a fraction of what you would pay in the USA or Europe if you could even find a place which combined Natural Traditional Therapy, the latest in Thermal Spring Therapy with the beaches and atmosphere of a Greek island. If the wear and tear of life has dragged you down, a couple weeks here will do you some good, with or without a doctors prescription.


How to get Here

By Car

If coming from southern Greece, the quickest way is via the National Road Athens-Lamia. Exit at 150th National kilometers from Athens, to the exit for Arkitsa. From there you can take the ferry boat to Edipsos. The trip takes about 45 minutes.

An alternative route is crossing the bridge of Chalkis. After passing the bridge, follow the signs to North Evia. The road has many turns in some places but it is beautiful, with great views, trails through the green mountains of Evia and many opportunities for fun solutions.

If traveling from the north of Greece, the quickest way is to exit the highway Larissa and Athens in the 90th kilometer direction Glyfa. From Glyfa take the ferry boat to Agiokampo (about 30 minutes ride). From Agiokampos Edipsos is about 10 km.

You can find routes from Arkitsa in www.ferriesedipsos.gr, www.edipsosferries.gr and www.edipsoslines.com (three different companies with different paths). For routes from Glyfa see www.glyfaferries.gr. You can learn the routes and call the ferry Edipsos (0030 22260 22464) and Glyfas (0030 22380 61288).

By Bus

From Athens you can take the bus directly to Edipsos from the bus Liosia. Depending on the season, buses leave from 3 to 5 times a day. Direct buses are from other cities, especially in summer. Check with your local agency for more information.